Meet MILSA spring semester 2018 mentees:

Lea Stotzer

I am studying psychology in my Master’s at the University of Bern. In the summer semester 2018 I will study at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität in Jena. I chose this city because it is small (a little bit smaller than Bern), cute, with a renowned University and very international. What really interested me in the Faculty of Psychology at Uni Jena were the subjects of the seminars. And in my leisure time here there is a lot to do because the international community of Jena is very big, and they are plan a lot of workshops, hikes, social dances and games.

What I would like for this summer semester in Germany is to improve my psychological knowhow, gain some insight into another university and get to know interesting people. The MILSA workshop in Bern helped me to be open and interested to whatever will come.

Timon Stuber

I am a student of Social Sciences and Geography at the University of Bern. During the spring semester 2018 I am studying in Bordeaux at Science Po Bordeaux and the University Montaigne. Yeah, I do like wine, but that is not the main reason I chose to study in Bordeaux. In the south-west of France I want to improve my French, see how student life in another country is like and complete my Bachelor. The MILSA workshop in Bern helped me to prepare for my semester abroad. I decided to participate in the program to be able to reflect about my experiences in Bordeaux and because I appreciate discussing with other Erasmus students of the University of Bern about those experiences.

Gentiane Brack

I am a student from the PHBern. During the spring semester of 2018 I am studying at the “École Supérieure de Professorat et de l’Éducation” which is part of the University Nice Sophia Antipolis in France. My goal of studying abroad is to see how different a school system, compared to Switzerland, is and the student’s life is like here in France. Moreover, I want to improve my French skills. But the main reason for studying abroad is to experience the process of adapting an unknown environment in another country. For me as a teacher it is beneficial to know which problems immigrants and, moreover their childern, have to fight with, when they had to adapt in the Swiss culture. So I will understand them better and I will keep my mind open for cultural diversity. I chose Nice as my destination because of it’s geographical position. The Côte d’Azur with the azure Mediterranean Sea will be amazing. But as well because I want to experience the “savoir vivre”.  Building up new international friendships is as fascinating as it can be! Participating in the MILSA project will help me to reflect on situations I am in to a further extend and to benefit the most from my stay abroad. 

Rheija Hug

I am a Business Administration and Economy student from the University of Bern. During spring semester 2018 I will be studying at Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal. I’ll try to get to know how everyday life as a student in Lisbon is. Try to be a local in a place that is nowadays one of the most visited cities in Europe by tourists. My semester abroad will be full of new experiences and it allows me to learn more about the local culture. I am looking forward to learning the Portuguese language! Furthermore, an exchange semester offers you the opportunity to get to now a different teaching method in a new university. Bom dia!  

Meet MILSA autumn semester 2017/2018 mentees:


Corinne aus der Au

During the fifth semester of the Bachelor of Nursing at the Berner Fachhochschule it is possible to go abroad for three months. I chose Berlin, because the city fascinated me during earlier visits. Being able to complete a module at the Evangelische Hochschule Berlin has given me a more in-depth theoretical view of the health care system in Germany. Now I am in the second half of my studies abroad and working in a hospital as a trainee nurse. My main goal is to gain experiences from the German health care system in a theoretical and practical way. Participating the MILSA program helps me to reflect on my experiences abroad and share them with other interested students.

Yannick Hunziker

I am a biology student from the University of Bern. During the fall semester of 2017, I am studying at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. For this 5th semester, I set the goal to see what the lectures and university, but also the student’s life in general is like in another country. I chose Uppsala as my destination because of its reputation of being a very student-oriented city, as well as the interesting offer of courses for biologists with a lot of practical experience included. Being outside in Swedish nature with the course is as fascinating as it can get!

Additionally participating in the MILSA program helps me reflect on the situation I am in to a further extent and to benefit from the contacts I am able to build up from all over the world with other international students.

Stefan Müller

During the first semester of the academic year 2017/2018, I am visiting the Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven in Flanders, Belgium. Against the background of my Master’s program in business administration at the University of Bern, I am using my semester in Leuven to expand on my knowledge in topics with which I got in touch with during the development of my Master’s thesis.

I am participating in the MILSA mentoring program because I would like to become aware of my own cultural roots while discovering foreign values, norms and traditions. Moreover, I would like to learn how I can embrace cultural differences, gain productive insights out of them and thus further develop my intercultural competence.

Leandra Hildbrand

For the third semester of my Master’s program in Public Management & Policy at the University of Bern, I decided not to go to one of the partner universities in another Swiss Canton, but to head to the „large Canton“ in the North instead – to the city of Potsdam in Germany. Potsdam was not only attractive to me because of its lovely parks and castles and its proximity to the vibrant city of Berlin, but also because it is home to a very renowned university in my field. My personal goal for the current semester abroad is to benefit the most from the excellent academic environment while broadening my horizon by living in another European country and meeting fellow students from all over the world. Hopefully, participating in the MILSA mentoring program will help me complete my goal by actively reflecting on the intercultural experiences I make in Germany. Moreover, through the exchange with other students from my home university and our mentor, we get valuable guidance and can share common experiences in order to deepen our intercultural knowledge.

Meet MILSA spring semester 2017 mentees:

Corina Liebi

In spring semester 2017, I will be studying at Ulster University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The main objective of my stay is to improve my English language skills. This especially includes academic writing but also everyday English.

I decided to participate in the MILSA mentoring program for being able to reflect in a self-critical and conscious way on my intercultural learning process during my stay abroad. Participating in the program allows me to share my intercultural learning experiences with peers and helps me hopefully to raise awareness for cultural practices.

Susi Rigassi

I’m 23, originally from Lugano, living in Bern and studying Psychology. I’ll go to Bielefeld (Germany) in Erasmus for my last semester of the master.

I decided to go abroad, because I wanted to explore new places, meet new people, improve my language skills and see how psychology can be learned in a different country.

I joined the MILSA program, because I would like to write and talk about my experiences abroad, to share them with other people, so that my memories will be better reflected, consolidated. I am also looking forward to hear about others’ experiences, mainly of the ones who went a little further than me, in a culturally more different country.

Sarah Bargetzi

My name is Sarah and for such a long time it has been my dream to go abroad for an exchange semester to Italy. One out of a huge amount of reasons to go abroad and especially to choose Italy is because I am fascinated by the Italian language, which I studied for 5 years at high school, the people and their mentality. Furthermore, I would love to experience the Italian culture at close quarters and learn how the students and also the people of Bologna live their lives.

When I heard about the exchange program MILSA I immediately decided to take part. I think it is a huge advantage that there will be other students taking part at the MILSA program like me. I am glad to know that I will not be alone when facing the challenges of studiyng abroad. The chance to stay in touch with the other students and to share our exchange experiences will be very valuable to me.

I am very excited about my exchange and I am looking forward to meeting interesting new people, making unforgettable experiences and also to seeing a new university, in my case the University of Bologna.

Joel Niklaus

I am studying computer science and sport science. For one term I have been to Exeter, England for a student exchange. What I really liked a lot was the campus life which we do not have in this way at home in Bern. Because most of the students either live on the campus itself or together in university owned accommodation, I have been all around students in my age all the time. Furthermore, in my block there were only exchange students. So I really had a great time meeting new people from all over the world. It was very interesting to cook the food from our home countries for each other and to hear how different life is in the countries the other students come from.

Meet some of the MILSA autumn semester 2016/2017 mentees:

Kathrin Beeler

I am studying at the Aix-Marseille Université in the autumn semester 2016. My aim is to improve my French language skills and to actively use them in daily life and in an academic environment.

Furthermore I want to reflect on my experiences abroad and my own role. I hope the MILSA mentoring program will support me in my intercultural learning process during my study abroad. Afterwards I want to reflect on my study abroad and go beyond "it was great" when talking about it.

Marc Huldi

Hi, my name is Marc and I am studying Biology in Bern. This autumn I will do an exchange semester. I am going to Mexico City to the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. 

When I first heard of the exchange program I knew that I wanted to do this. Last autumn I started to inform myself about the program. Because I am learning Spanish at the moment and the best way to really make progress in learning a language is go to the country where they speak it, I decided to search for a partner university of Bern in a Spanish-speaking place. I have been in Latin America before and I really liked my experience with people there and I think Mexico is a very interesting place to go, I decided to go there.

For me this exchange is a big opportunity to get to know another culture, to see a different university and  to have the chance to work on my Spanish. 

After I got accepted by the university in Mexico I heard about the MILSA mentoring program. I am participating in the program because I want to participate in the program is because I can improve my English writing skills and the confirmation of participation I will get at the end will look good on my curriculum vitae. 

Alicja Marszalek

I am doing my exchange semester in Valencia, Spain. I have always known that someday I will participate in the SEMP Program, as I am keen to discover new places and cultures. I hope I can benefit from teaching methods in Spain and opportunities offered by University of Valencia in my field- Business Administration. Going abroad means to me getting to know new people and experience the unknown. I decided to participate in the MILSA Program because it allows me to share my experiences with my peers and receive support each other in everyday difficulties - all for a good reason: intercultural and international learning!

Laurent Naville

For my SEMP/ Erasmus I’ll head to Lisbon. There are multiple reasons why I applied for this specific city. Firstly, I’d like to expand the Portuguese language skills I already have. Secondly, I find Portuguese culture with its very distinct history and roots particularly interesting. Last but not least it’s quite a sunny spot in Europe (both concerning climate and people). To participate simultaneously in the mentoring program MILSA is the cherry on top. Staying in constant discourse with fellow students and mentor, allows to approach the new environment in the most reflected manner possible. All in all, it’s a great opportunity to rethink personal attitudes and an excellent tool for further activities in international contexts.

Lucas Perler

I hope I can improve my Spanish skills this autumn semester at the Universitat de València. Of course I’m also interested in the culture of this region and would like to meet new people. The MILSA-Mentoring seems like a perfect assistance for getting to know new cultures. It’s important that we understand and respect them and not just know about the differences. I’m really looking forward to exploring the soul of Valencia and I’m sure I will be able to tell a lot of amusing stories after my stay in Spain.

Diana Tran

I have wanted to do an exchange semester in Sydney from the beginning of my studies because it is a stunning location situated in the heart of Australia’s global center. I am convinced that studying abroad will strongly benefit me in terms of personal, academic and professional development. I want to gather cultural and international experience and further my organizational skills. I am sure that the study program at UTS will be a unique educational experience and academically enriching. Professionally, it is evident that international experience is an extremely valuable asset. My motivation for participating in the mentoring program is to reflect more self-critically and considerately on my personal role and experiences with intercultural situations. Furthermore, I want to learn to talk about this experience in view of future professional interviews.

Vanessa Zehnder

Within my Political Science Masters Program, I will be studying at Stellenbosch University in South Africa for one semester. This is my second exchange and I chose South Africa to get a Non-European perspective on foreign affairs and international relations, as well as a new cultural experience. 

I am participating in the MILSA mentoring program because I want to make the most out of the intercultural encounters during my stay abroad and the program's modules set my course and provide guidance.