MILSA mentees SS 2017

Sarah Bargetzi

Portrait of MILSA participant Sarah Bargetzi
© Sarah Bargetzi

University of Bologna, Italy

My name is Sarah and for such a long time it has been my dream to go abroad for an exchange semester to Italy. One out of a huge amount of reasons to go abroad and especially to choose Italy is because I am fascinated by the Italian language, which I studied for 5 years at high school, the people and their mentality. Furthermore, I would love to experience the Italian culture at close quarters and learn how the students and also the people of Bologna live their lives.

When I heard about the exchange program MILSA I immediately decided to take part. I think it is a huge advantage that there will be other students taking part at the MILSA program like me. I am glad to know that I will not be alone when facing the challenges of studiyng abroad. The chance to stay in touch with the other students and to share our exchange experiences will be very valuable to me.

I am very excited about my exchange and I am looking forward to meeting interesting new people, making unforgettable experiences and also to seeing a new university, in my case the University of Bologna.

Corina Liebi

Stone scenery of Northern Ireland
© Universität Bern, Corina Liebi

Ulster University, Northern Ireland

In spring semester 2017, I will be studying at Ulster University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The main objective of my stay is to improve my English language skills. This especially includes academic writing but also everyday English.

I decided to participate in the MILSA mentoring program for being able to reflect in a self-critical and conscious way on my intercultural learning process during my stay abroad. Participating in the program allows me to share my intercultural learning experiences with peers and helps me hopefully to raise awareness for cultural practices.

Joel Niklaus

Portrait of MILSA participant Joel Niklaus
© Joel Niklaus

University of Exeter, England

I am studying computer science and sport science. For one term I have been to Exeter, England for a student exchange. What I really liked a lot was the campus life which we do not have in this way at home in Bern. Because most of the students either live on the campus itself or together in university owned accommodation, I have been all around students in my age all the time. Furthermore, in my block there were only exchange students. So I really had a great time meeting new people from all over the world. It was very interesting to cook the food from our home countries for each other and to hear how different life is in the countries the other students come from.

Susi Rigassi

Portrait of MILSA participant Susi Rigassi
© Susi Rigassi

University of Bielefeld, Germany

I’m 23, originally from Lugano, living in Bern and studying Psychology. I’ll go to Bielefeld (Germany) in Erasmus for my last semester of the master.

I decided to go abroad, because I wanted to explore new places, meet new people, improve my language skills and see how psychology can be learned in a different country.

I joined the MILSA program, because I would like to write and talk about my experiences abroad, to share them with other people, so that my memories will be better reflected, consolidated. I am also looking forward to hear about others’ experiences, mainly of the ones who went a little further than me, in a culturally more different country