Moris Steiner

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National Taipei University of Education

After living and working mainly in Asia for the past ten years, I am currently studying at PH Bern. 
Even at the beginning of my studies, I knew that I wanted to spend a semester abroad, if possible somewhere in Asia.
Fortunately, the National Taipei University of Education has an agreement with PH Bern! :)
So at the moment I am very excited and looking forward to the upcoming "exchange-abroad" experience.

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Cute Taiwan

Kaylena Steiner

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L-Università ta' Malta

I am a Bachelor's student in my second year, the first semester of which I'm spending at the University of Malta. In the English department we are required to study abroad for 6 months in an English-speaking country, which is was one of the reasons I chose to study English in the first place. I thought about going to Malta from the moment I realised it was an option. I am one quarter Maltese, but have only been to Malta once before, so I jumped at the chance to get to know more about where I come from. I'm very glad to be taking part of MILSA, where imperative questions are asked that will make me really think about my experiences in the context of their cultural impact.

What is Maltese anyway?